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More Hair Loss Genetic Research

17 Aug 2009, by Paul in HAIR LOSS SCIENCE

It’s all in the genes! New research coming from Japan has positively identified a particular gene which is responsible for cyclical hair loss in lab mice and which could also be linked to genetic baldness patterns in men and women.


The researchers showed that the mice who were specifically bred to lack a gene called the Sox21 gene started to lose their hair very early on in their lives. By the time they were 20 to 25 days old these particular mice had lost all of their body hair, however a few days later their hair started to reappear again followed by new hair loss. The scientists said that the cyclical nature of their hair loss continued throughout their lives.

Professor Yumiko Saga from the Division of Mammalian Development at the National Institute of Genetics based in Mishima said that the Sox21 gene was definitely linked to some hair loss problems that humans experienced and that more research in this area needed to be done.

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