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05 Aug 2009, by haircentre in Uncategorized

Before you try it, getting a cow to lick your scalp will not help your hair to grow back.


For every treatment that works there are a dozen that don’t. But some age-old myths are still in circulation. We sort fact from fiction in 20 of the most common hair loss myths.

Hair loss comes from the mother’s side
Baldness is hereditary, but it’s not limited to the maternal side of the family. The hair loss gene can come from either parent.

Frequent ejaculation causes baldness
There’s no proven link between frequent ejaculation and hair loss. There’s also no truth to the myth that the more sex you have the less hair you’ll lose.

Washing your head in cold water cures baldness
Washing your head every morning in cold water may boost blood circulation but it does nothing for baldness.

Losing hair every day means you’re balding
If you’ve got male-pattern baldness then, yes, you’ll lose hair every day. That said, it’s normal to lose as many as 100 hairs a day. These will usually grow back.

It’s unusual to lose hair from our early 30s
As you age, the number of hair follicles on your scalp will progressively reduce. With ageing, hair becomes finer and sparser.

Hair products can cause hair loss
Hair care products don’t cause hair loss. You can mix as much gel, mousse or spray in to your hair as you like.

Standing on your head cures hair loss
Standing on your head to increase blood flow won’t regenerate your scalp. Blood circulation has no influence on hair loss.

Constantly wearing hats causes baldness
Unless your hat is so tight that it puts excessive tension on the hair, it doesn’t matter if you wear a cap 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hats do not lead to hair loss.

Brushing or massaging the scalp can reduce hair loss
Blood circulation doesn’t boost hair growth. However, too much brushing may cause injury, leading to loss of hair.

Hairstyles don’t cause hair loss
Styles that put too much tension on hair, such as tight plaits, ponytails, corn-rows or winding too tightly on to rollers (especially heated rollers), can cause some hair loss.

Cutting your hair will make it grow back thicker
Hair feels thicker after a hair cut because hair is thicker at the base. Cutting your hair will not prevent male or female-pattern baldness.

Blow drying doesn’t cause hair loss
Blow drying can damage, burn or dry the hair, which can cause it to fall out. But this hair will grow back immediately. It is not considered to be permanent hair loss.

Wigs and toupees make hair loss worse
Hair doesn’t need to breathe. Only the roots are alive, and they get their oxygen from the blood in the scalp. Wigs and hairpieces only damage hair if they are too tight.

Excessive washing of hair causes hair loss
Washing with shampoo only removes hair that has already fallen out.

Long exposure to the sun leads to hair loss
Hair loss occurs at the follicle level. Fortunately, your hair acts as a shield against the sun to protect the roots.

Hair dyes cause balding
Most hair-colouring treatments contain chemicals that, if not properly used, are harmful to hair. However, such dyes don’t cause hair loss.

Diet can cause hair loss
A balanced diet is essential for your general health. However, there’s no evidence that certain types of food boost hair growth or cause hair loss.

Stress causes hair loss
Stressful episodes, such as an accident or surgery, can cause hair production to shut down temporarily. Stress doesn’t cause male-pattern baldness.

Hormone problems cause hair loss
Problems with your thyroid gland can cause hair loss. Women may also experience short-term hair loss shortly after pregnancy.

Steroids have no side effects on hair
Steroid use can cause hair loss. Research has proven that anabolic steroids raise the levels of baldness-inducing male hormones.

In order to treat hair loss effectively we would recommend that you have a diagnosis made as soon as possible by one of our experienced Westminster Trichologists. Stress can be an aggravator in almost all cases of hair loss and an accurate diagnosis will always, at the very least, take some of the stress away from you.

Gary Heron says: “You’ll have access to the most effective treatments available through The Hair Centre and at a fraction of the cost of going to other Private Commercial Clinics and Centres.”

When it’s time to see the Trichologist: If you begin losing hair rapidly, and or are cosmetically concerned about baldness, consult your Trichologist about treatment options. You can receive a free hair loss consultation with a Westminster Trichologist at our Hair Centre.

The point is that you are not getting to the real problem and you should seek specific professional advice from a Westminster Trichologist.

“Why buy hair loss treatments over the counter or on the internet when you can see a Westminster Trichologist for FREE and know that you are guaranteed results”

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