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How much do you spend on your hair?

14 May 2009, by haircentre in Uncategorized

We reveal the true cost of how much British women spend on their hair.  British women spend more than £9,000 in a lifetime having their hair fixed, it was revealed today.

This works out at around £150 a year, with weddings being the main reason for a visit to the stylist, a survey by hotel chain Travelodge found.

An important date, a job interview, a girls’ night out and a vital business meeting were the next most popular reasons for having hair done.



Based on responses from 5,000 women, the poll showed that women’s favourite hairstyle was the “big hairdo” sported by Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole followed by the straight, sleek style of film star Jennifer Aniston.

The next most popular style was that of Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, followed by Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss.

The survey also revealed that, on average, 68% of British women blow-dry their hair at home three times a week, each session taking 20 minutes.

This means that women spend an average of 17 weeks in a lifetime on this particular activity.

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