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Botox is a cure for baldness

23 Jun 2009, by Admin in Uncategorized



Published: Today


BALDING Brits may be offered a cure for their thinning thatches – injections of Botox.

The toxic chemicals are generally used to smooth out wrinkles, but scientists have found they can cause hair to regrow.

The treatment was discovered by accident by a US plastic surgeon. Dr Simon Ourian was trying to cure headaches suffered by his cancer-victim mum after chemotherapy.

After injecting Botox into her scalp, he was stunned to see her hair regrow.

Baldness is caused by the hair follicles shrinking, so no new ones are produced. But Botox dilates the blood vessels, which allows nutrients to the hair shaft and stimulates new growth.

Dr Ourian has tested on volunteers for three years at his Beverly Hills practice. The treatment needs repeated injections, but he saw a “dramatic” difference after one session.

He said: “I was happily surprised. As hair loss is a significant source of insecurity, there was no shortage of volunteers.”

Botox is the medical name for botulinum toxin – a powerful natural poison. It was developed to stop eye muscle spasms but is commonly used as an anti-wrinkle treatment as it paralyses facial muscles.

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