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Baldness calculator promises to predict men's hair loss

25 Jun 2009, by Admin in HAIR LOSS SCIENCE

A pioneering new computer program that predicts if and when men will go bald is being offered to British men.

Two thirds of all British men will eventually suffer hair loss, according to recent research. Photo: GETTY

The ‘baldness calculator’ – said to be the world’s first reliable tool for predicting hair loss – has been a huge hit with men in other countries.

The program calculates the exact age at which someone will go bald or have lost most of their hair or provides reassurance by predicting that they will still have a full head of hair in old age.

More than half a million German men used it within ten days of it being unveiled there and three million men have tried it out globally so far.

Sixty per cent of users of the calculator to date have been young men aged between 15 and 30.

Two thirds of all British men will eventually suffer hair loss, according to recent research.

The program asks users about their age, marital status, occupation, where they live, what their current hairline is, hair loss in their family and their stress levels.

German scientists devised the program because half of men in their country suffer from hereditary hair loss.

Dr Adolf Klenk, head of research and development at hair care firm Dr Kurt Wolff, said: “More and more men value full hair but especially younger men.

“They are looking for a partner and are at the peak of their social lives. They are very conscious about their looks and being accepted within their social groups.

“They get concerned that if they lose their hair, they will cease to be attractive to others whereas older men don’t care so much.”

Dr Klenk said that men with a history of hair loss on either their mother or father’s side of the family are most at risk of going bald.

“Genetic predisposition is by far the most common cause of baldness. But other factors include severe, long-term emotional stress, perhaps associated with a divorce or the loss of a close relative.

“A poor diet can fail to provide the hair with sufficient nutrients and men who wear headgear in call centres or helmets on construction sites motorbikes may be putting their hair roots at risk of being pulled out or losing density.

“We have developed the male baldness calculator to raise awareness among men.”

The firm’s scientists have worked closely with dermatologists from Germany’s University of Jena to create a shampoo to combat baldness.

They claim that their new Alpecin shampoo and hair tonic, which rely on caffeine as the main component, stimulate hair growth and slow down hair loss.

Around 500 scalp samples were taken from volunteers and tests showed that caffeine benefited hair growth.

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