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I am a 32 year old woman suffering from thinning hair due to a hormonal imbalance. Is there anything I can do to restore my hair's original health and overall look?

03 Jun 2009, by Paul in FEMALE HAIR LOSS


It is quite common to have hair loss with a hormonal imbalance, but the degree would depend on what your hormone measurements are and how much they are affecting the hair follicles. It is possible to treat hormonal problems both internally and externally as far as hair is concerned, but not without prior blood tests. Also, it is possible that your hair thinning is due to other causes, too. For example: low iron levels, low ferritin (iron stores), thyroid anomalies, poor nutrition etc. It would be beneficial to have all these possibilities (and others) measured correctly before you embark only on a possible hormonal dysfunction. It is certainly possible to improve hair volume and appearance once the causes have been established.

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The point is that you are not getting to the real problem and you should seek specific professional advice from a Westminster Trichologist.

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  • rohit gupta

    hi im 23 suffering from hair thinning can u help me