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Hair Loss: Poor Diet

27 May 2009, by haircentre in HAIR LOSS SCIENCE


Insufficient levels of protein consumption can lead to thinning as protein is vital for the formation of keratin, which is the main component of hair.

You should be able to get enough protein from your diet by eating meat, eggs, cheese, nuts and fish. The B vitamins, especially B5, are believed to play an important role in hair growth, elasticity and strength. Rich sources include eggs, nuts, beans and wholemeal bread.

When it’s time to see the Trichologist: If you begin losing hair rapidly, and or are cosmetically concerned about baldness, consult your Trichologist about treatment options. You can receive a free hair loss consultation with a Westminster Trichologist at our Hair Centre.

The point is that you are not getting to the real problem and you should seek specific professional advice from a Westminster Trichologist.

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