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Self-esteem faltering over hair loss struggle

10 Jun 2009, by haircentre in Uncategorized



Dear Robin: I’m 21 and will be graduating from university in June. I have always been ambitious, studying, working abroad and volunteering, trying to establish future career goals. This year, however, I have noticed that my hair is thinning quite drastically.

My hair is thin, but now it’s becoming more noticeable and my scalp often burns. I have done research and gone to a dermatologist, who ran some tests and said it was likely genetics. He became very cold when I mentioned hair loss, saying “this is not entirely common among girls your age.” Now whenever I think about my future, I hesitate for fear that too much stress is going to cause further hair loss. I try not to get too upset about it, because that will make things worse, but I find that I am anxious and even moody, starting to believe that the type of woman I aspired to become is no longer realistic.

[ All in my head ] 

Dear All in my Head: I know firsthand how difficult it is to face losing your hair.

The dermatologist’s reason for brushing you off is disconcerting, so go get a second opinion and have your records sent over to avoid re-testing. There are many causes of hair loss in women, with genetically linked Alopecia areata topping the list. Some varieties of Alopecia are hormonal and can be treated; one variety is stress-related, and can be attributed to trauma, infection or malnutrition. Whatever the cause, get a concrete answer.

You will have many challenges in your life, but this can make you stronger if you empower yourself.

Meditate, do yoga, or whatever you do to keep yourself positive and centered. You will get through this, or at least learn to manage and get on with living your life as productively as you have all along.

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The point is that you are not getting to the real problem and you should seek specific professional advice from a Westminster Trichologist.

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