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Male Hair Loss

12 May 2009, by haircentre in HAIR LOSS [ PHOTOS ] TREATED, MALE HAIR LOSS

The most common belief is that men are just okay with going bald. The truth is not so. Men hate going bald and do not accept hair loss as a fact of life. Men suffering from androgenetic alopecia are in fact longing to bring back their lost locks. Infact, their situation causes a huge amount of self impossed stress and emotional dilemma.

It is devastating to think that hair loss for a man is caused genetically and is inherited. So it will go on from one generations to generations the next. Is it possible for men to prevent MPB?  Most men think that there’s nothing that can be done to prevent hair loss. Up until now. Speak to a Westminster Trichologist and get the facts.

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  • Jimmie Davis

    I am a black male experiencing hair loss at the hairline and would like to recieve information about how to resolve this issue. Thanks for your help.