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Female Hair Loss: Post Surgery Hair Loss. What Can I Do? [ A True Story ]

18 May 2009, by haircentre in FEMALE HAIR LOSS


Hello Gary

Apologies for the delay as I snapped my fibula a couple of months ago and have been off with surgery etc and have only just been set up with working from home until I go back in for more surgery in 4 weeks time.

In regards to my hair, I am not sure if it was from the shock of snapping my fibula, the surgery or drugs I was put on, but I am seriously losing my hair in bucket loads for the past month. It is coming out in chunks and is quite worrying. Especially the front of the hair as well is so thin now. I will have to organise for all the treatment to be sent over.

Could you please let me know the details and I will organise for payment?
Again apologies for the delay as the surgery etc has had to take priority of late.

Thank you

Dear Diann

You are suffering from effluvium – which literally means shedding. This can occur when there is some trauma and tissue reaction to surgery and in particular to general anesthesia medications that can cause the existing hair to be lost.

It would be very disconcerting to go through any surgery procedure only to have a high number of perfectly good hairs fall out through the process. This is what is taking place.

Efluvium usually affects the miniaturized hair nearing the end of their life span due to genetic thinning and is most likely to be shed at some point in the near future. Some healthy hair will be shed, but these should re-grow quite easily as you are using treatment (and have been for some time now). Effluvium is more common when a large surgical session are performed such a snapped fibula correction. I know that this huge shedding cycle can be minimized by utilizing the treatments that you are currently prescribed, before and after such a long and involved surgical procedure. There is no need to panic, because although the shedding cycle and sheer numbers of hairs coming out feels like bundles it will stop and no permanent damage or set back would have occurred because you are very good with and used sufficient treatment over a good period of time, so I know that your growth cycle is in a safe and protected zone due to your trichologically balanced course of treatments. Obviously, it is more important than ever to be extremely disciplined with your treatment regime over the coming 12 months in order to stage your already planned recovery. Your operation is a minor and temporary setback. Please treat it as that, as you will already see the shorter recovery hairs appearing (although prematurely) but that means we just have to push on with strengthening the hair back up quickly to its normal healthy size, sheen and texture.

Hope this throws a little light on your current predicament.

Best wishes

Hello Gary

Thank you for the below and fingers crossed that is what is happening as I am getting little bald patches now where the hair has thinned so much. I need to organise for more treatment and the other little bottles to be sent. Can you please let me know the amount and I can organise the payment?

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