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Cancer hat designer's award hope [ Alopecia Hair Loss Clever Cover Up ]

24 Jun 2009, by Admin in Uncategorized



Emilienne Rebel’s Bold Beanies are designed and presented to look like gifts, including a bunch of flowers

A young mother who lost her hair while undergoing chemotherapy for cancer is up for a female inventor award after designing hats for other sufferers.

Emilienne Rebel, 33, from Wrexham, struggled to find comfortable head-wear after losing her hair, with scarves falling off and wigs being itchy.

She had the idea for cotton jersey hats – Bold Beanies – and has now been nominated for a British Female Inventor and Innovator of the Year award.

She is among 40 UK women shortlisted.

Ms Rebel, a mother-of-two who was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, said she came up with her idea as she wanted to make “a bad situation just a little bit more bearable”.

“My hair loss left me feeling very cold at night time – all I wanted was something comfortable and easy to keep my head warm,” she said.

With a small family running around I also needed something easy just to slip on around the house and get on with my day

Emilienne Rebel
“With a small family running around I also needed something easy just to slip on around the house and get on with my day.

“Scarves would slip and my wig was too itchy. I never found what I was looking for – the idea for Bold Beanies was born.”

Now fully recovered – and despite being busy looking after her two young daughters – Ms Rebel decided to fill that gap in the market.

She launched Bold Beanies a few months ago and the range of simple cotton jersey hats are now sold on the internet.

Designed and presented as gifts, the hats are rolled to look like roses while beanie hats for youngsters are presented to look like lollipops.

Ms Rebel has been shortlisted in the Exceptionally Creative – Textile & Fashion/ Health category of the awards.

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